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Teaching and Education

Cathy Irons displays an incredible depth of knowledge and a gentle warmth through her teaching. She was able to diagnose my situation by asking detailed questions about my challenges and addressed the issues with helpful suggestions and exercises. I greatly appreciate receiving the videos for continued review. I recommend Cathy both for her personable approach and somatic wisdom.

Ayden Graham - Indie folk rock singer-songwriter and violinist

I am a music teacher in an isolated community. On several occasions I have asked Cathy for help with some difficult techniques on the violin. She has readily replied by sending videos clearly demonstrating the techniques.

The latest video inspired a whole hour’s violin lesson.

Janet - Violin teacher

Violin Lessons

Violin is one of the most versatile and enjoyable instruments you can learn! It can play anything from classical to funk or folk music, in orchestras or bands. Although it takes time to develop a mature tone, it can sound pleasant from the early stages, and with regular practice, learning the violin is immensely rewarding - you will be amazed at your progress!

I take care to provide a nurturing and challenging environment for each student, working within their abilities and creating a space for them to thrive.

Masterclasses and Sectionals

I am passionate about playing and performing with others - in chamber groups or an orchestra. I would love to share the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years with your ensemble, and assist with bringing their performance to the next level.


Do you play a string, or other classical instrument? Do you like the idea of joining a jam session but never knew how to start? Do you have a child that likes to explore sounds and use their imagination?

It's time to learn new skills and get creative. Let's go places!


I love encouraging the next generation to grow on their own personal musical journey through giving positive performance experiences and feedback at festivals and competitions. I have adjudicated for the Christchurch School of Music and Christchurch Competitions.

Workshops and Presentations

From Practice to Performance

“I’m frustrated repeating the same passages with the same mistakes. What should I be doing when I practise?”

“I get nervous performing. What can I do to be more confident?”

How to practise with performance as the end goal. Suitable for adults, NCEA students and any instrumentalists or vocalists

I have presented at the Christchurch School of Music, MENZA IRMT, NZ School of Modern Music conferences.


I am currently putting together a list of my favourite violin teaching resources. Here are some books that I highly recommend. I use many of their principles in my teaching.

Paul Rolland The Teaching of Action in String Playing: Developmental and Remedial Techniques, American String Teachers Association 1974

Simon Fischer Basics, Peters 2000

Susan Kempter How Muscles Learn: Teaching the Violin with the Body in Mind, Summy-Birchard 2003

Todd Ehle's violin videos are a treasure trove of technical titbits!

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