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VIOLINIST: performer & teacher


Hi! I'm a violinist who enjoys performing music from classical to contemporary, collaborating with dancers, composers and artists, improvising, recording and teaching.​ If you have a dream, let's chase it.

Douce Ambiance Southern Tour
5-13 October 2024

Quartet Web-2.jpg

In this extraordinary concert, versatile violinist Cathy Irons together with top Christchurch jazz musicians, Dan Robertson (piano), Dougal Canard (double bass, guitar) and Doug Brush (drums), explore the vibrancy and versatility of the violin, traveling through different times and genres.


Douce Ambiance literally means "Sweet Sounds" and the ensemble are poised to captivate audiences with their warm tones and creative musicianship. Join them on a journey from haunting ancient melodies to swing and Latin, through lively folk tunes, across to the syncopated rhythms of Brazil.

  • Blenheim

  • Kaikoura

  • Geraldine

  • Dunedin

  • Invercargill

  • Riverton

  • Te Anau

  • Alexandra

  • Queenstown

"...a tapestry of haunting, ancient melodies interspersed with jazz classics, a seismic selection of wondrous tunes reimagined and recited by heart..."

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