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Cathy Irons 

VIOLINIST: performer & teacher 


Music provides a space in which to

move and create.

There are no barriers or prejudices,

but a place for openness, genuineness

and the freedom to be unique

Hi! I'm a violinist who enjoys performing music from classical to contemporary, collaborating with dancers, composers and artists, creating arrangements, improvising, recording and teaching.

If you have a dream, let's chase it.


The Classical Jazz Quartet

Vivaldi's Four Seasons arranged by Barry Brinson

Violin - Cathy Irons

Piano - Barry Brinson

Double bass - Michael Davis

Drums - Doug Brush


In collaboration with Defy Dance Academy

Dancers - Georgia Trass, Emily Walker, Sarah Nurkka

Violin - Cathy Irons

Choreography - Cassidy Sykes

Beyond Humanity concert, raising funds for Christchurch City Mission 2021

Nikau Harp Trio

Violin - Cathy Irons

Cello - Paul Lee

Harp - Helen Webby

Clair de Lune


Composed for the Nikau Harp Trio



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