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Viola players welcome too!

Cathy's Violin Studio Class

Where you choose what to learn with others

Private lessons don't suit everyone's busy lifestyle.

You might prefer learning alongside others, don't have the time to practice a bunch of scales, studies and solo repertoire, and you may have burning questions about fingering a tricky passage or the articulation in an orchestral piece you're currently playing.

But what if you got together with others like you?

In my monthly Violin Studio Class, we focus on an aspect of technique or musicality with supporting exercises. We also include an open time where you have the option to ask your questions, play for each other, talk about music and learn from observing each other.

And of course, friendship is a part of our class so we follow it with a cup of tea for that ever important social. You'll get to meet other musicians around Christchurch just like you from all the other community orchestras and discover that learning the violin or viola is fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

My goals would be to help you

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Gain the knowledge you want to learn
  • Collect valuable snippets to take your playing to the next level
  • Feel comfortable in a friendly, encouraging environment
  • Be the best player you can be for yourself, your ensemble or orchestra

You can join in on any date!

First Tuesday of each month (mostly!)



New Zealand

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